Helping a consulting company’s mobile workforce find their voice


“I never thought a phone system could work as a portable office. With features such as Simultaneous Ring, Fax to DID and Outlook Integration, I can take my office virtually anywhere.” – Facilities Manager



A technology-focused consulting firm specializing in developing advanced, business-critical IT software applications and systems.


With hundreds of employees working from offices and locations in six distinct geographical markets, this consulting company was straining aging and disparate PBX systems to its limits.


Stage 2 introduced the company to its hosted business phone systems, which immediately intrigued a technically savvy corporate management team. Contracts were executed with Stage 2 with a notable incentive being significantly lower upfront equipment expenditures that provided for the installation of IP phones at a fraction of costs from alternative proposals the company had received.

All office employees were linked via Stage 2’s advanced hosted voice2 service which included four-digit DID (direct inward dial) dialing of extensions that facilitate call transferring, unified messaging, conference calling and other platform features such as “Find Me, Follow Me”. These features were in addition to connectivity2’s high-speed data access that expedites intra-company communications, while improving productivity and resulting in ongoing savings in recurring telecommunication charges.

The company’s “in-the-field” workforce was also accommodated with Stage 2’s cutting-edge “soft phone” technology that enabled them to utilize laptop computers as integrated business-system phones via a simple software installation and plug-in headset.


Stage 2 delivered both a productive and financially attractive solution that:

  • Accommodates multiple offices and a highly mobile workforce with advanced business phone technology.
  • Requires significantly lower capital expenditure commitments.
  • Converges voice and data on one platform, reducing recurring charges.
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