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“Those of us that are in the Public Relations field know that in order to be a successful PR firm, you need to provide 24X7 availability, ‘reachability’ and reliability for your clients, many of whom are located overseas. That requires a phone system and special telephone network provider who understands and shares your values. That is why I chose Stage 2 Networks–a service provider that I can trust and rely on to keep my phone system operating with 100% reliability.” – Allen Cohen, COO, Nike Communications



Nike Communications is a full service public relations firm specializing in the marketing and promotion of luxury goods and premium lifestyle products. It represents an elite group of clients and brands that are recognized worldwide. It successfully adds value to these brands by communicating the brands’ mission, vision and values to target consumers through strategic and effective media programs, special events and point of sale (POS) activities that drive sales.


Nike Communications was experiencing major issues with its pre-existing hosted voice network configuration, which adversely affected the PR firm’s ability to communicate with its highly mobile workforce, but more importantly, with its clients. The client sought help from Stage 2 to resolve the problems. Understanding this, Stage 2 senior management committed to providing Nike communication with an incredibly reliable, high-quality and cost-effective telephone system, and to implement it within in a tight timeframe. This commitment convinced Nike to give Stage 2 an opportunity to prove it could deliver.


After an in-depth analysis of the company’s network, Stage 2 proposed a comprehensive solution incorporating a full network connectivity redesign, configuration modifications and implementation of new infrastructure. This solution would resolve all outstanding performance issues inherent in the existing network and provide some needed enhancements for the future Further, Stage 2 Networks also proposed a comprehensive failover solution which included an alternate network path to ensure ultimate business continuity and disaster recovery in the event of an office emergency or general inaccessibility. The client accepted the proposal and Stage 2 implemented the solution.

Client Benefits

Utilizing private broadband connectivity to its state-of-the-art BroadSoft switch, Stage 2’s hosted voice2 solution with both Internet Access and connectivity2, allows Nike Communications to access a feature-rich platform that delivers guaranteed quality of service. This solution offers many more advantages over traditional phone systems, including:

  • State of the art, world-class reliability through a tailored network solution that delivers complete redundancy through dual-path voice and data over broadband, with automated failover. This configuration ensures that the phone system and internet connectivity have alternate connection pathways in case of external service outages and that Nike Communication’s phone and data systems continue to operate, without missing a beat…or a phone call!
  • Simplified, customer-empowering administrative tools including efficient customer code tracking/ billing and the ability to easily and instantly add, move and change their employees’ user profiles via Stage 2’s web-based admin console.
  • Enhanced staff productivity and client service through advanced features such as universal “Find Me/Follow Me,” so employees never need to miss an important call, whether in or out of the office; universal employee access to their voice message mailbox via their own PC or any internet browser or their smartphone, and “Click to Dial” from Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer.
  • A significant cost-savings in Nike Communications’ monthly utilization charges plus substantially lower tariffs in comparison to traditional telephony services.
  • Amazingly clear voice quality, whether on speaker phone or the handset.


During Huricane Sandy, Nike’s Stage 2 Networks continuity2 solution was tested. The size of the storm caused a service interruption for all carrier networks in the area of Manhattan where Nike was located. Despite the physical outages in Manhattan, Nike’s mobile workers were able to access and use their hosted voice2 network with no interruption from their day to day business routine simply using their mobile phones from anywhere. With the immediate assistance of Cogent, Stage 2 was able to restore a primary network connection at the primary location within a week of the massive Hurricane. The other major carriers in that area have still not restored service 12 weeks post the storm.

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