Helping a retail giant go global


“Our company has grown quickly, opening eight new stores in the past 12 months. The Stage 2 solution keeps our telecom overhead at a minimum while allowing us to expand our operations across the United States.” – Controller



A creator, producer, promoter and international distributor of men’s, women’s and children’s footwear and fashions.


The company’s U.S. flagship store and its U.S. outposts were utilizing disparate proprietary phone systems that inhibited timely communication, including stock assessment, among locations – potentially inhibiting growth plans.


Stage 2 initiated a relationship with the company by initially providing connectivity2 Internet access. The company soon asked to discuss potential solutions for endemic intra-store calling difficulties, which were of great concern to both its U.S. and European parent management due to an aggressive new store opening schedule.

Stage 2’s hosted voice2 solution had great appeal and afforded the company a standardized installation approach and telecommunications platform for dozens of stores staged for completion within a few years’ time. In addition to providing each new location’s phones with a consistent and contemporary look, Stage 2 was able to deliver a more efficient connection among U.S. stores – from dispensing announcements and enabling four-digit direct dialing by salespeople seeking current stock information, to transferring of overflow and after-business hours customer calls to available personnel.


Stage 2 promoted the full spectrum of its hosted voice2 solution’s standard features, allowing the customer to:

  • Facilitate and economize intra-store communications while abating wait times and costs formerly incurred with stock fulfillment inquiries.
  • Achieve system consistency, reliability and ease of implementation during a time of aggressive store openings and new employee integration.
  • Enhance customer service capabilities via off-hour and overflow call transfers.
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