Whether you are a single or multi-site organization with stationary or remote users, Stage 2 Networks’ suite of custom, on-demand voice2 solutions is scalable enough to provide you with an integrated and next-generation communications system. Our solutions are designed by a dedicated team of voice experts to fit your specific needs. More importantly, the solutions benefit your company and overall brand because of increased customer and staff connectivity, cost-savings and improvement to the bottom line.

What is Stage 2’s VOICE2 Solution?

voice2 is Stage 2’s unique and cost-effective voice solution. It takes a premise-based system of the past and positions it into the Cloud, allowing businesses to leverage an outside provider to house and maintain its communications infrastructure. Inherently, Cloud-based communications are more cost effective, redundant and feature-rich than premise-based systems.

Why Choose Stage 2’s Voice2 Solution?

  • Premiere Partnerships – with suppliers such as BroadSoft, Acme Packet and Cisco bring you best-in-class expertise coupled with the most reliable switches and equipment in the market.
  • Our voice experts – are committed to designing an on-demand solution that delivers the advantages of a next-generation voice system and fulfills your business needs.
  • Conserve Capital – upfront expenditures are typically limited to your network infrastructure and your IP phone handset.
  • Easy Implementation – saves time when compared to a difficult-to-deploy premise-based solution.
  • Avoid Obsolescence – through ongoing software upgrades and maintenance at no additional cost as a component of your fixed monthly charges.
  • Scalability – accommodates your business needs – whether you need to scale up or down.
  • Business Continuity – is inherent in the standard voice2 offering.