Stage 2 offers a comprehensive suite of voice trunking2 services, including SIP, PRI and Analog (POTS). These services are ideal for businesses that want to enhance their current service at minimal expense, taking advantage of Cloud-based features and functionality while leveraging their existing phone system and equipment for in-bound and out-bound, local, long distance and international calling. This solution enhances traditional telecom services by providing an easy to implement interface with an IP network. With the transport of traditional services over a managed IP network, Stage 2 Networks can offer reduced pricing and a full suite of features that traditional carriers cannot provide. With Stage 2  voice trunking2, customers use the managed IP connection to deliver both voice and data to their organization.

Key Advantages of Stage 2’s VOICE TRUNKING2

Reduce recurring cost through the utilization of your own infrastructure with one Internet connection as well as the convergence of voice and data services.

  • Boost bandwidth utilization by eliminating the costly protocol conversion that can hamper end-user productivity
  • Eliminate the expense of purchasing, supporting and maintaining media gateways

Enjoy increased efficiencies with a layer of advanced hosted features over your  voice trunking2 solutions.

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  • Gain added security and business continuity with the additional redundancy of the network and the features for remote workers and call forwarding.
  • Link you multiple locations together and enjoy free inter-office calls and allocation of usage across all locations in a single bundle.

“Those of us that are in the Public Relations field know that in order to be a successful PR firm, you need to provide 24X7 availability, ‘reachability’ and reliability for your clients, many of whom are located overseas. That requires a phone system and special telephone network provider who understands and shares your values. That is why I chose Stage 2 Networks—a service provider that I can trust and rely on to keep my phone system operating with 100% reliability.”

– Allen Cohen, COO, Nike Communications