How much will your businesses lose because your customers cannot reach you due to phone system outages?

Legacy phone systems are vulnerable due to their inability to relocate. Those systems are tied to the physical lines connecting them to the phone company. If the location where the legacy phone system is installed becomes physically limited and employees are unable to enter the building, whether it is due to flooding, pest infestation, mold, or structural damage, the typical phone system is simply not a "grab-and-go" standard. Well, that’s no longer true, now you have Stage 2’s continuity2 services.

What is Continuity2?

With Stage2 Networks, our hosted voice2 and voice trunking2 reside in our multiple carrier class hubs with multiple redundant connections to our Partner networks ensuring that our customer’s calls connect. Based on Polycom’s High Definition IP phones, which are capable of connecting to any IP network, Stage 2 enables you to "grab your phone-and-go anywhere" or simply call forward to your mobile device.

continuity2 ensures that your company’s critical business functions remain online and available to your customers through a series of failovers and risk management tools in the event of any catastrophic event. Stage 2 provides complete failover “piece of mind” from a single provider with its unique and cost-effective suite of continuity2 solutions for hosted and trunking deployments.

Key Advantages of Continuity2

  • Redundancy at No Additional Cost – Business continuity is inherent in Stage 2’s platform and reliable network infrastructure.
  • Custom Planning – Why rely on a vendor’s assumptions of best practices? Stage 2 can design a disaster recovery plan that fits your individual business needs.
  • Scalable Solution – Stage 2 can design a more complex or robust business continuity solution based on your individual business needs and budget.