Customer support can directly impact your future business opportunities. Delivering first class customer support requires well-managed communications that provide for the optimal customer experience. The service a customer experiences when they contact a call center is the impression they have of the entire company and it becomes part of your brand. This is often the most important relationship that a company extends after the initial sale and in most cases good support equates to a good vendor.

What is Stage 2’s Voice Call Center2?

No matter what your business size or Call Center requirements, Stage 2 can design a solution that enhances the experiences of both callers and employees, while driving bottom-line results for your business. Stage 2 Networks’ call center2 application uses Broadsoft technology and provides an integrated, full-featured and flexible solution for managing customer interaction with all the benefits of advanced voice and multimedia applications. Unlike existing enterprise solutions that are deployed on-premise, or hosted and managed by the service provider, our call center2 is a purpose-built carrier class solution.

What Are the Advantages of Stage 2’s Call Center?

  • Voice Experts – Our team’s proficiency across enterprise-level, mid-size and small Call Centers makes us experts in the design and deployment of reliable, scalable and robust Call Center solutions.
  • Financial Advantages – Our Call Center deployment typically realize its users a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings of up to 50% when compared to on-premise solutions.
  • Enhanced Revenue Stream – Stage 2’s enhanced service features optimize Agent performance and client satisfaction, typically resulting in increased monthly revenues on a per agent basis.
  • Flexible Work Options and Virtualization – Easy to provision and manage multi-site and remote agents using a single, central queue which routes calls to agents regardless of physical location.
  • Enhanced Flexibility – Rapid ability to scale up and down as well as handle unexpected or fluctuating call volume quickly, without disrupting or changing infrastructure.
  • Access New Technology – Access to the latest features (e.g. video call centers) at low risk and cost.
  • Business Continuity – Calls are queued in the service provider’s network and can be re-routed to alternate locations in the case of service disruption.