In this age of real time communication and collaboration between geographies, partners and customers, high performance networking has assumed mission critical importance to modern business operation, growth and profitability. 

connect2 is designed on an open, multi-provider platform employing exceptional network supplier partnerships to extend Stage 2’s service capabilities to over 4,500 fiber “lit” buildings throughout the NY and tri-state metropolitan area alone. connect2 is a “lit” Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) network architecture. The term “lit” means that these locations have both highly reliable fiber and optics in place and are ready to provide service today. As business demands continue to change, connect2’s network allows organizations to take advantage of next-generation innovations across the board in hosted voice, unified communications, video, security and virtualization.

To see if your location or potential location has fiber access or if you are looking for a location with fiber connectivity on Stage 2's Network